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New guild teamspeak server

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New guild teamspeak server
Thanks to Amaylia for setting up the teamspeak server. It is not mandatory for guildies to use but we encourage everyone to try it out. Hopefully it will prove useful.
Here are the instructions.
To install it and connect:
  1. Download:
  2. Follow the setup instructions
  3. Connect to:
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I just wanted to note that this system is passwordless.  It allows us to bring guests on to the server and create private channels or give them temporary (one-time-use tokens) to join our main channel.  Guild Officers and Administrators are the only ones allowed to distribute these tokens. 
Upon your first connection, you will be treated as a Guest to the server with highly limited access.  From this point, either an Administrator or Guild Officer will need to promote you to Guild Member.
There are special icons for each level displayed to the right of a user:
  •   -  Guest
  •   -  Guild Member
  •   -  Guild Officer
  •   -  Server Admin
If you have any questions, please ask!
Thank you for announcing it Andreynn, I was planning on it but hadn't gotten around to it yet.
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.exe doesn't work in MAC or Linx. Any future plans to have it so others can use it besides "Windows" users? - Lost
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Ah, another reason I chose teamspeak is because it is fully cross-platform. Sorry, those instructions were created specifically for Andreynn, you just need a non-direct download link which is below. ^^
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