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Guild Policies

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The Guild Policies were created by Andreynn, and have been revised by Azurria (for clarification purposes).  Here is a summarization of the guild policies and requirements.  Please remember, these exist in order to keep the guild a fun and inviting place for all members and future members!

Requirements for joining

Level (Must be at least level 5, with exceptions.  Existing members may invite their alts at level one)
Toon Gender (You must have at least one female toon who has been in the guild for at least one month, after that, you may have male toons)


Guild Chat (Keep the guild chat PG-13)
Player Conduct
Hacked Account (If your account is compromised, the toon will be temporarily demoted to protect the guild bank)
Guild Bank (Take only what you need, certain exceptions are allowed)
Toon Activity (Please try to keep at least one toon active in the guild over a years time)