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Update to guild policy - June 2013.

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Update to guild policy - June 2013.
Last night at 20:00 GMT-6, the guild had a meeting to review existing guild policies, with the intent of updating them to be better reflect current culture.  Two main policies were changed last night.
  1. Toon Gender requirements were made slightly more lenient.  We have decided that male toons should be allowed in to the guild if they are alts of  current members whom are in good standing with the guild, and have been with us for at least a month.  Additionally, the same members as described may invite friends to the guild who are male gender.
  2. Guild activity requirements have been loosened.  Guild members may be inactive for up to a year before being removed from the guild, after a month, their rank in the guild will start to slip unless they have reached the rank of Dread Mistress, in which case, this rank will remain the same and the toon will not be removed from the guild.
Hopefully these changes will allow us to be more welcoming of all members and their social connections.  Please leave comments with your opinions on these matters, I know many members weren't able to make it to the meeting, so I'd like to leave these updates open to change over the next month.
Thank you all very much!