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C'est la vie

So, it has been three years now since the last post that I've made.  I think most of us have gone our separate ways, though I do stop by here and in-game now and then, but it is far more rare now than it used to be.  Most of our ranks have disappered—scattered to the winds—but the website and guild will remain intact for all who wish to remember the times they had with us.  Obviously nothing new is going in to the website at this point—there won't be an upgrade, or new development.  I will however ensure that these things remain functional for
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Update to guild policy - June 2013.

Last night at 20:00 GMT-6, the guild had a meeting to review existing guild policies, with the intent of updating them to be better reflect current culture.  Two main policies were changed last night.
  1. Toon Gender requirements were made slightly more lenient.  We have decided that male toons should be allowed in to the guild if they are alts of  current members whom are in good standing with the guild, and have been with us for at least a month.  Additionally, the same members as described may invite friends t
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Thank you to all of our members, new and old!

I just wanted to post an update since it has been so long since the last one.  After much hard work and toil Mina, Lorranne, Paks, Jack, and many others have managed to bring this guild to level 25!  Thanks to the efforts of our members, the guild has become quite prestigious.   Though things may quiet down from time to time, this guild will always hold special memories for many of us who have been here from the begining or even more recently.
I'd like to give a special thanks to all of the original members who even though they ma
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