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Site Update: Gallery, QTChat, and more!

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Site Update: Gallery, QTChat, and more!
Hi again, I know I haven't been online in a while, but I decided to make some major revisions to this site to make it a little more useable.
  • Photo Gallery - I removed support for multiple galleries and fine tuned the gallery currently there.  It should be much easier to use and view now!
  • QTChat - QTChat is a module I found that lets logged in users chat almost instantly with each other.  There is about a 6-8 second delay from when someone sends a message and to when you receive it on your screen.  Its modeled after Facebooks chat system, so it should be familiar in a good way!
  • Many menu items have changed - You may notice certain things are placed differently, I pruned out some useless menu items and renamed some while reorganizing others.  The goal was to get an interface that is both simple and easy to read.
  • Subscriptions - by default, whenever you post a topic or comment, you will now be subscribed to that thread.  Whenever someone updates that thread, you will receive messages up to twice a day summarizing the updates.  This is meant to allow people to track communications more easily and without constantly having to check back at the site.  You can also manually subscribe to any single author, such as Andreynn.  This way, anytime Andreynn posts anything anywhere, you will receive an update!
  • URLs and paths - Most people probably won't notice this, nor is it truly a useful thing to a user, but I have converted the urls of the site to use paths like /forums/general-discussion/my-topic-name-12 instead of /node/91.  This makes the paths more human readable and friendly.  It also allowed me to make some other changes to how blocks are displayed based on content.
  • Theme and UI - I have added some new templates and changed some styles on the site to fix some visually unappealing things, I also updated the way lightbox will display images and the links provided to you while viewing other peoples posts.  Hopefully this will make things easier as well.
I hope you are all doing great!  Please let me know if you need anything and happy monster face smashing to you all!