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Site Update: Gallery, QTChat, and more!

Hi again, I know I haven't been online in a while, but I decided to make some major revisions to this site to make it a little more useable.
  • Photo Gallery - I removed support for multiple galleries and fine tuned the gallery currently there.  It should be much easier to use and view now!
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Guild control

I have regained control of the guild and the guild bank. I also have recieved through in-game mail items that were looted from the bank. It will take me a while to sort through everything so please be patient with me. Good news is now everyone can use the bank freely.
Thank you
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Site Update: Photo Galleries added!

Hello everyone, I have added photo gallery support to the site finally!   You can find the photo galleries on your navigation menu (left hand side), or you just click here to access the main listing of galleries.  I've created several test galleries just to demonstrate the styling and layout of everything.
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Happy Birthday Katiekit!

Thanks for being so awesome Katie, we love ya!   Hope you have a very special day today!
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Guildie of the Month

I'm starting a Guildie of the Month feature. If you would like to nominate someone for this just post their name here or contact a guild officer. The winner will receive a prize such as a special item, gold or dungeon runs. The first guildie to win will be announced at the end of this month. So vote for someone who has been helpful, great attitude and has gone out of their way for the benefit of the guild.
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You are not prepared!

So lets get prepared!

Lately, more and more people have been relaying their desire to get in to Icecrown Citadel to me.  I am completely  in to this, and it is definitely a personal goal of mine.  I'd like to know who else may be interested in raiding ICC10.  You don't have to be level 80 to express interest in coming along when you are level 80!  So far, I have the following people available to me for running these raids.

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Site Update: Guild Roster, Topic Tracker

Hey Everyone, I've made a major update to the site.  Please notice the "Guild Roster" link added to the navigation menu on the left of the page.  In it, you can find a link to everyone in the guilds character profile, which are automatically imported on a 12 hour interval. A special thanks to for providing this great module!

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Dark Legacy Comics


Not sure how many of you have seen Dark Legacy Comics.  I thought I would post this here though, the latest comic is pretty funny, check out their archive for some more entertainment!

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Women of Warcraft - Episode 54!


Be sure to check out the official Women of Warcraft site at !

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User profile pictures added

Hey everyone, I added in an update today.  I updated a lot of the user permissions for different roles on the site.  Officers, Members, Allies, and Administrators should notice new options available to them around the site.  Basically, when you sign up, you are by default given limited access.  An Administrator or Officer can then promote you to either Member, or Ally (An Administrator can promote to Admin, or officer in addition to the former).

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